Editorial Services
Content Writing, Editorial Services, Design Services, Content Strategy Development
Design Services
Content Strategy Development
Content Writing Services
Content Writing, Editorial Services, Design Services, Content Strategy Development
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Editorial Services

0.1 Triple Check

Seeking the skills of a creatively brilliant and prolific editor better equips your company with an invaluable tool that technology alone simply cannot offer. When it comes to content editing, your company deserves an editor who has not only honed the required skills, but also possess the motivation and drive to keep learning and experimenting with new and innovative ways to modernize the editing process without losing the element of human design.

Editorial Services
About My Services
About My Services
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  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling
  • Structure and tone
  • Formatting and styling errors


  • Create a business case
  • Identify audience persona
  • Optimize keyword phrases
  • Textual and graphic logos
  • Business cards and flyers
  • photo-editing and corrections
  • Content audit and inventory
  • Strategy and governance
  • Implementation / development

Content Services

0.2 Worlds Into Words

Content in all its types has a lasting impact on a firm’s brand, so let me help you make that impression the right one. Your website copy, social media messages, and blog posts should all work together to create one cohesive image for your company. With custom content creation, you own the intellectual license to repurpose and expand the reach of your key content in a way that is relevant and useful to your target audience.

Content Services
Design Services

Design Services

0.3 Worth 1k Words

If you are looking to make a special connection with your audience then it is important to note that logos, marketing collateral, and images have a significant impact on brand identity and audience engagement. Memorable logos, bold marketing designs, and intriguing images catch the attention of your audience in a meaningful way and have a substantial impact on results. My designs incorporate your unique business story and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


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Content Strategy

Content Strategy

0.4 Documented Success

Having a strong Online presence is not only about developing and launching a website. Quality content, thoughtful designs, and routine maintenance all work together to increase web traffic, leading to increased sales and profit margins. Here at RL Business Matters, I work with each client directly to research and develop a content strategy that fits his or her unique business goals and content objectives.


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Service Packages

Service Packages

0.5 Keep it Fresh

I offer a variety of monthly services packages to ensure your content stays fresh and relevant. These services range from individual packages providing weekly blog posts, scheduled social media updates, monthly web content updates, monthly newsletters and scheduled emails, and monthly analytics report, analysis, and implementation to a full all-inclusive package deal that comes highly recommended.


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The Benefits of Quality Content

Your visitors are not converting to customers. You are losing control of your loyal customer or reader base. You find yourself worrying your customers will leave you for your competitor. Well, you had better shape up, because your clients need a company they can depend on to deliver fresh and relevant content on a regular basis.


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Editorial Services

Grammar, spelling, consistency

Line edits and revisions

Content writing

Blog ghostwriting

Newsletters & emails


Content strategy development

Content audit and inventory

Photo editing

Logo design

Flyer & business card design


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