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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling
  • Structure and tone
  • Formatting and styling errors


  • Create a business case
  • Identify audience persona
  • Optimize keyword phrases
  • Textual and graphic logos
  • Business cards and flyers
  • photo-editing and corrections
  • Content audit and inventory
  • Strategy and governance
  • Implementation / development
  • Do I really need an editor?

    Seeking the skills of a creatively brilliant and prolific editor better equips your company with an invaluable tool that technology alone simply cannot offer. When it comes to content editing, your company deserves an editor who has not only honed the required skills, but also possess the motivation and drive to keep learning and experimenting with new and innovative ways to modernize the editing process without losing the element of human design.

  • Why write custom web content?

    Content in all its types has a lasting impact on a firm’s brand, so let me help you make that impression the right one. Your website copy, social media messages, and blog posts should all work together to create one cohesive image for your company. With custom content creation, you own the intellectual license to re-purpose and expand the reach of your key content in a way that is relevant and useful to your target audience.

  • Are visuals really that important?

    If you are looking to make a special connection with your audience then it is important to note that logos, marketing collateral, and images have a significant impact on brand identity and audience engagement. Memorable logos, bold marketing designs, and intriguing images catch the attention of your audience in a meaningful way and have a substantial impact on results. My designs incorporate your unique business story and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

  • Will a content strategy benefit me?

    If you are seeking a strategy that goes beyond custom content development and into the realm of content planning then you may find a myriad of benefits in a content marketing business partnership. The business goals of this partnership would be to promote your brand, increase brand awareness, generate leads and referrals, increase customer loyalty, and distinguish your business from competitors in a unique and personalized way.

  • What is the RL Process?

    Having a dedicated editor, content creator, and strategist is a tried and true way to see results and progress towards business goals over the long haul. I walk you through every step of the process from the kick-off meeting to the creation and editing of your content and everything in-between, all of which I discuss at length before and during the duration of your project. I have confidence in my process and you will too.

  • What is research and development?

    I aim to move your company toward the innovation, introduction, and improvement of content across multiple platforms. Research and development allows for the gathering of critical information regarding industry trends and customer demands. The data acquired is an invaluable asset during the writing process, as it ensures your target audience engages effectively with your content.

  • What do analytics provide me?

    Collecting and analyzing key performance indicators for your website, social media platforms, and blog provides the data you need to make intelligent strategy and business decisions. These analytics create a window into the user experience and audience engagement with your content. I use a combination of analytics and keyword research to optimize your content and/or develop a strong content strategy.

  • What is the ideal content balance?

    Creative and Professional. Users expect content that is engaging, compelling, and user-friendly, while search engines require content to be on-point, optimized, and original. Your content is your number one business asset, invest in it and your clients will invest in you. Here at RL Business, I take innovation and pair it with the professionalism you expect from a skilled content developer.

  • What skills and knowledge do you have?

    I have a working knowledge of content ideation and prioritization that lends itself to managing work flow and scheduling content. My understanding of search engine optimization techniques paired with keen editing capabilities enhances my ability to extend your key content assets while monitoring goal specific metrics for content strategy and plan effectiveness.

  • What is your mission?

    Combining a love of learning with a willingness to innovate, I strive to develop professional and creative content that ultimately helps you achieve your business goals. I deliver optimized content that speaks to your target audience, opening the lines of communication required to foster healthy business-consumer relationships.

  • What is your customer philosophy?

    Developing your content strategy is not about me, it is about you and your business matters. I place the highest value on nurturing healthy open information sharing with my customers. With your unique mission and professional values in mind, I deliver high quality content that strives to spark conversations and inspire your audience to action while cultivating positive brand identity and reputation.


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