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Editorial Services
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0.1 Get it Right

Grammar goofs, spelling mistakes, and brand inconsistencies do not have to diminish your business’s message. Careful proofreading and editing provides you with polished, error-free content that upholds your professional image and keeps your brand identity intact. Successful businesses place value on quality content, so choose RL Business Matters as your go to editor. I will edit your content while taking into consideration select keyword phrases, brand identity, and audience expectations.

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0.2 Need a little Help
  • Check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and ease of reading
  • Review for consistency in structure and tone
  • Correct formatting and styling errors



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0.3 Need Specialized Help
  • Basic Services plus+
  • Enhance Online presence through relevant keyword selection
  • Suggest rewrites to eliminate awkward phrasing, passive voice, etc.
  • Test site for usability issues to ensure all content is accessible
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Grammar Matters
Grammar Matters
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Content Editing Content Writing Content Designs Content Strategy
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling
  • Structure and tone
  • Formatting and styling errors


  • Create a business case
  • Identify audience persona
  • Optimize keyword phrases
  • Textual and graphic logos
  • Business cards and flyers
  • photo-editing and corrections
  • Content audit and inventory
  • Strategy and governance
  • Implementation / development
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Start Your Project Today choose RL Content Matters today, because your content matters
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The Blog that Matters

The Benefits of Quality Content

Your visitors are not converting to customers. You are losing control of your loyal customer or reader base. You find yourself worrying your customers will leave you for your competitor. Well, you had better shape up, because your clients need a company they can depend on to deliver fresh and relevant content on a regular basis.


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Content strategy development

Content audit and inventory

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