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What else can I tell you?
I created RL Content Matters because I desired to be in the market of helping people succeed. Nothing brings me greater professional joy than watching the hopes and dreams of a fellow business owner become realized. Quality content is not just something I produce; it is something that produces a change in my clients and me. Experiencing the benefits of a quality content strategy instills confidence and boosts company morale, making hiring a content developer an invaluable long-term investment.

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What is my mission statement?
Combining a love of learning with a willingness to innovate, I strive to develop professional and creative content that ultimately helps you achieve your business goals. I deliver optimized content that speaks to my target audience, opening the lines of communication required to foster healthy business-consumer relationships. The Blog that Matters aims to become a go to resource on a myriad of content related topics. I will discuss specific ways in which content supports the goals and efforts of business marketing, sales, and engagement.

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What is my consumer philosophy?
Developing quality content strategy is not about me, it is about you and your unique needs and demands for information. I place the highest value on nurturing healthy open information sharing with my customers. I deliver high quality content that strives to spark conversations and inspire my audience to action while cultivating positive brand identity and reputation. I value consumer feedback in all forms. To create an amazing experience, I need to know what my readers want more of and use this insight to create a consistent, personalized experience.

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What do I bring to the table?
I have a working knowledge of content ideation and prioritization that lends itself to managing work flow and scheduling content. My understanding of search engine optimization techniques paired with keen editing capabilities enhances my ability to extend my key content assets while monitoring goal specific metrics for content strategy and plan effectiveness. This allows me to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information available on the web.

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What are my services?
I offer a variety of services that work together to create a unique perspective in your chosen industry for the explicit purpose of generating leads and referrals. Monthly service packages ensure your content stays fresh and relevant. With my services, you can expect to see an increase in customer loyalty and brand awareness. I use analytics, optimization, and an innovative approach to transform your business into a brand known for its quality content, unique logo designs, and supporting collateral. Contact me for a free consultation.


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