Get Back on the Content Writing Brand Wagon

Get back on the content writing brand wagon

Don’t let your content fall to the sidelines! Get writing today!

Projects are piled high, weeks have passed by in a blur, and you realize you haven’t updated the website, your social media presence has dwindled, and you can’t remember the last time you posted a blog. Panic ensues as your mind races with the negative implications of slacking on the all-important content development aspects of establishing your brand. At the same time, your looming deadlines are pulling your focus away from your brand, away from content development, and away from your obligations to your readers and/or customers. The full calendar is demanding all of your attention. 

I am here to say, do not panic and do not give up. You may think, “What is another week, I’m so busy already, surely it can wait?”

Sure, it can wait. But do you really want to find yourself six months down the line wondering what happened to your followers and your loyal customers? Do you want to look at your lead conversions and wonder, “Where did I go wrong?” Get back on the wagon, and dedicate yourself to completing a single quality piece of content right now. Then, get it out there, share it, engage with your followers, take a moment to feel renewed in your efforts of raising brand awareness. I promise, it is all well worth the effort.

Here are a few content writing ideas to get you started:


Republish old content with a fresh, new perspective. Review comments and audience engagement to find ways to further explore a topic. Perhaps, you could try your hand at turning a written how-to into a guided step by step YouTube video. Or, you can adapt that ever popular “Top 10” list into an informative and shareable infographic. You can use sites like Canva to create easy infographics, or hire a graphics designer to help you get started.


Review your webmaster analytics. Which keywords are driving the most traffic to your website? When updating your website content, be sure to use those keywords – though do not overdue it, as google frowns upon keyword stuffing. Furthermore, use these keywords to find a new focus for a social media post or blog topic. If you aren’t already using Google Webmaster tools, sign up! Aren’t sure how do get started? Contact me today!


When was the last time you made an effort to reach out to your customers or readers? Now is the perfect time to develop a newsletter. Let your fans know the latest and greatest brand news, developments, and products. A newsletter is an excellent way to stay connected and to also encourage return visitors to your blog, website, or place of business. You can use free tools such as MailChimp, or you can hire a professional to assist you in the development of your highly customized newsletter.


This is an easy and quick way to increase brand awareness and traffic at the same time. Share a great insiders tip or trick related to your industry along with an eye-catching visual. Then, encourage your social media followers to share or retweet your tip, with an extra incentive for doing so – i.e. the first 100 people get a free gift or a discount on a product or service you provide. This gets your brand and content in front of an audience, and prospective readers or customers, that may not be in your immediate network.

Now, get started! Pull yourself up and get back on the content development brand wagon!

If you are struggling to reach your content writing quota, then there is nothing wrong with taking a step back to reevaluate your goals. Instead of weekly content updates, perhaps consider biweekly or even monthly updates. Scaling back will allow time to focus on producing one or two high quality pieces of content over many rushed or distracted pieces that fail to stand up to the quality your customers and readers expect. Hiring a professional also gives you the ability to focus on project deadlines, without neglecting your own brand content.

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