How to Deliver Quality Content

Top 5 ways to Deliver Fresh Content

Top 7 Ways to Deliver Fresh, Quality Content

In part one of Better Shape Up, you learned that fresh, relevant content provides customers and readers with a positive online experience, makes them feel valued and invested in, and satisfies their need for information, all while providing the benefits of increased search engine ranking and inbound links to your company website and/or blog. That’s great! Now you just need to step up and make it happen!

You’re ready to get into shape now, but how?

Websites that update often with fresh and relevant information give their readers a reason to keep coming back. Whether you offer a service or a product, providing quality content to your clients and customers will get you that much closer to realizing your business goals. You can engage your audience through the publishing of content on a variety of platforms. Here are just a few of my favorite ways I step up and shape up my content.

1. Start a Blog

Post regularly

Set a schedule for publishing blog posts, be it daily, weekly, biweekly. Then stick to it. Give your readers a reason to keep coming back. If you start strong then gradually stop posting you will disappoint and lose your reader base. Writing regular blog posts can be challenging. Hiring a writer or asking guest posters to contribute to your blog can help generate the material you need to keep your blog fresh and regular.


Keep in mind that blog posts are an invaluable tool for creating and maximizing the number of visitors to your website. Using keyword phrases and market analysis tools allows you to create blog material that search engines recognize as relevant and important, which in time will yield a larger following and thus increased website traffic. It is important to remember to keep content SEO-friendly while staying user oriented, which can sometimes be a tough balance to find.

Edit/proofread your posts

Check out some of the most common grammar, spelling, and syntax errors people make, and do your best to avoid them. The importance of proper grammar cannot be over looked. The last thing a growing business needs is an embarrassing grammatical error or spelling mistake that makes them a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons. If editing and proofreading aren’t your strong suits, then hiring an editorial service can provide much needed peace of mind when pressing the publish button.


2. Push social media marketing


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, google + are all invaluable social media platforms that can provide you with numerous opportunities to directly engage your target audience through status updates, web links, news articles, event announcements, blog posts, photo sharing, etc. Networking allows you to connect with your online audience for the purposes of encouraging communication and meaningful relationships while building your reputation as a leader in your particular market or niche.

Quality over quantity

Be sure that you pay close attention to the demands and responses of your followers on all social media platforms. Odds are if they are following you then they like what you have to offer and are receptive of your company or brand. However, be sure to avoid over posting. Instead, focus on getting high quality content to your audience. Setting up a social-media marketing calendar can be helpful for ensuring that posts and shares are relevant and well managed.

Add images or infographics

Images have a significant impact on brand identity and audience engagement – followers are more likely to share a thought or emotion provoking image than text alone. Memorable graphics/images, bold marketing designs, and intriguing typography catch the attention of your audience in a meaningful way and have a substantial impact on results. Incorporate your unique business story into your social media images or infographics to leave a lasting impression on your audience


3. Share big company news and upcoming events


Creating a company newsletter or subscription allows your clients or customers to feel connected, involved, and invested in your company’s current happenings. Monthly or weekly newsletters create additional relevant content for your website and, when used properly, can assist with increasing traffic and conversion rates.

Social Media

Once again, social media should be a major part of your content marketing strategy. This makes it quick and easy to reach your audience when you have big news. Remember, using social media is not all about sales and advertising; it is about communicating to your audience using valuable and engaging content.

Flyers and advertisements

Designing a flyer or advertisement for a special upcoming event or sale is an excellent way to share and get the word out. Flyers also add in the important visual element that will draw the attention of current and potential customers. There are print media sites that give you access to basic flyers and design services. Having a graphic designer on retainer is also an option for those last minute needs or for a more customized design experience.


4. Retain a custom content developer

Market research and analysis

Keeping content current can be time consuming, especially when it comes to performing, interpreting, and then implementing market research and analysis in order to keep your content highly relevant to both search engines and visitors. Keeping a custom content developer on retainer can help with ongoing market analysis and content updates.

Keyword phrases and integration

Knowing what keywords search engines find relevant and then including them in your web content without keyword stuffing (which alienates readers and has a negative impact on ranking) can be a tricky balance to strike. A custom web content developer takes the guesswork out of keyword integration.

Professional, edited, and concise

Having professional content that is SEO-friendly, user oriented, concise, and well edited can be tough to come by, but it is necessary. A custom web content developer can provide these services to your company, allowing you to focus on the business side of things knowing your web content is in good hands. Web content developers can provide a number of content writing services that meet all your social media, website, and blogging needs.


5. Engage your customers and clients

Encourage readers to follow you

Providing incentives to customers who like and follow you on social media is a successful way to engage your current followers while encouraging new ones. Special deals, giveaways, or privileged information makes those who follow you on social media feel as if they are getting something out of the relationship. Now, they feel special, valued, and are more likely to share.

E-mail users about new or upcoming changes and promotions

Providing a subscription option on your website, allows you to have direct communication with your customers and readers when new content, deals, news, and events are happening or coming soon. Keeping them in the loop can provide additional opportunities for fresh content creation while personally engaging with your audience.

Provide testimonials and encourage customer feedback

Whether you have internal personnel or a hired content writer developing your web content, blog posts, newsletters, social media, emails and flyers, there is still one more often underestimated way to provide customers and readers with vital content. Testimonials about your products, services, and customer service are extremely SEO-friendly while also providing future customers with reassurance and an insider’s perspective.


Better get to it!

Find that balance between professional and creative. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box when it comes to delivering fresh content to your customers and/or readers. Do you have fun and innovative ideas for shaping up your content and keeping it fresh and relevant? Share below!

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