Introducing: The Blog that Matters

Introducing The Blog that Matters

Mission Matters

The Blog that Matters aims to become a go to resource on a myriad of content related topics. I will discuss specific ways in which content supports the goals and efforts of business marketing, sales, and engagement. I understand how key business goals relate to brand awareness, lead generation, consumer engagement, and other key performance indicators. I will provide information that explains current content development principles and techniques, audience impact, business benefits, and the effects of content on budget and the bottom line. You will not regret taking the time to learn how to build a loyal relationship with your audience through the consistent and thoughtful development of relevant content.

Content Matters

Brands must be prepared to deliver high quality content that strives to spark conversations and inspire their audience to action while cultivating positive brand identity and reputation. Providing this service is an integral part of developing and maintaining a trusting business-consumer relationship that encourages engaging experiences and deeper connections. The goal of content development and marketing is to promote your brand, increase brand awareness, generate leads and referrals, increase customer loyalty, and distinguish your business from competitors in a unique and personalized way. If you do not provide your consumers with reliable and relevant content, your competitors will.

Consumer Matters

Content sharing has become a fundamental and quantifiable part of the digital age where information is readily available and frequently sought. Users expect content that is engaging, compelling, and user-friendly, while search engines require content to be on-point, optimized, and original. With the potential to provide businesses with measurable benefits and long term goal attainment, having a strategic content development strategy is vital to staying successful and competitive. Your content is your number one business asset, invest in it and your clients will invest in you.

Feedback Matters

I fully invest in providing quality content to my subscribers. Effective communication and reader engagement helps me accomplish this. Providing feedback by way of comments, blogs, shares, and likes allows me to understand the needs and demands of my readers. Measuring consumer satisfaction helps me determine whether The Blog that Matters surpasses expectations, or disappointedly falls short. Listening to my readers is the only way to guarantee that I create a resource that they actually want to utilize and share with others. To create an amazing experience, I need to know what my readers want more of and use this insight to create a consistent, personalized experience.

Service Matters

Having a dedicated editor, content creator, and strategist is a tried and true way to see results and progress towards business goals over the long haul. I offer a variety of services that work together to create a unique perspective in your chosen industry for the explicit purpose of generating leads and referrals. With my services, you can expect to see an increase in customer loyalty and brand awareness. I use analytics, optimization, and an innovative approach to transform your business into a brand known for its quality content, unique designs, and supporting collateral. Contact me for a free consultation.


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